Healthcare is a complex, rapidly changing environment. Graymont Medical provides a dynamic range of services to healthcare providers, so they can extend their offerings and focus on patient care. Our combination of service, process and technology allows the Graymont Medical patient care team to step in and provide needed orthotic support and care to patients and physicians across the country. Let us be your DME partner for everything from navigating medical billing systems to 24-hour product support.

DVT Program

With the shift to orthopedic surgery being performed in an outpatient setting, patient safety while recovering at home is our top priority. Deep Vein Thrombosis affects more than two million patients each year. Pharmacological and compression therapy combined, reduce the risk of DVT by 75 percent. The Graymont Medical outpatient DVT Program allows patients access to portable SCD technology while improving quality of care, reducing administrative burden and improving workflow. Our stock and bill programs provide solutions for hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers and physicians.

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Cold Therapy Management

Graymont Medical is a national leader in providing cold compression therapy products. Cold compression therapy promotes vasoconstriction, reduces inflammation, decreases muscle spasms and safely relieves pain without narcotics. Whether you need in-home delivery of the latest cold compression therapy or are looking for a cost-effective, safe and portable solution—such as the Universal Cold Wrap—Graymont Medical offers a variety of options depending on you and your patients’ individual needs. Reduce logistical, administrative and financial burdens with our Cold Therapy Management program.

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Our Cold Therapy Management program provides:

  • Home delivery of top cold compression and therapy equipment
  • Expert team dedicated to fitting, delivering and servicing the equipment
  • Patient education and 24-hour customer support
  • Office staff support to efficiently access patient records and relieve the administrative burden
  • Process paperwork and billing in accordance with Medicare standards and worker’s compensation claim

Ortho Fitter Program

The Ortho Fitter Program from Graymont Medical provides certified medical personnel to serve as your in-house DME experts. The program manages and insures certified orthotic fitters who work directly with patients to discover and deliver the specific orthotic support they need.

During cast and splint applications and brace fittings, our certified orthotic fitters provide compassion and understanding during face-to-face instruction. Manufacturer neutral, our team is dedicated to finding the best DME product for each patient to optimize clinical outcomes and minimize practice costs. We’re also available to educate physicians on new devices. Plus, Ortho Fitter complies with federal and state regulations, as well as OSHA and HIPAA guidelines.

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