Dynamic program offerings for healthcare providers.

We offer a variety of program options in order to give more time back to healthcare providers to focus on what matters most, patient care. Our program structures powered by our people create a seamless system to power patient and physician needs nationwide.


Our Services

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Home Delivery

We, at Graymont, understand that coordinating the DME a patient may need after a procedure can be time-consuming, confusing and overwhelming. We have an amazing team that will take on this burden from start to finish. Each order is initiated with a prescription provided directly from the physician or patient. From there, our Registration team will check the patients benefits prior to Patient Care Coordinators reaching out to schedule an at home delivery. Our coordinators will answer all patient questions or concerns and will process self-pays for non-covered items before routing a Service Technician to dispense the product. Patients are educated on full function and use of the equipment, along with being instructed on physician specific protocols as needed.


  • Graymont handles all patient communication regarding insurance, delivery, and billing
  • Service technicians in-service patient and family member/caregiver on proper use of equipment
  • Graymont will follow all clinician provided protocols
  • Graymont bills claims to patient’s insurance and collects payments
  • 24/7 support for when the unexpected happens
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Fitter Program

We understand how busy clinic can be and having to do more, with less. Graymont Medical will staff your clinic or facility with certified orthotic fitters to assist with dispensing DME products to allow your doctors and nurses more time to tend to their patients. We stock the DME at a pre-determined location within the facility and manage its inventory. These services include orthopedic bracing, custom orthotics, casting, splinting, and more


  • Graymont staffs your clinic with certified orthotic fitters and dispenses DME to patients on your behalf
  • DME is stocked on-site at a pre-determined location and is managed by Graymont staff
  • Graymont bills claims to patient’s insurance and collects payments
  • Additional services and program customization available
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DME Distribution

Our full-service warehouse maintains stock of regularly used products to accommodate last-minute scheduling we know is common within the space along with the ability to source any specific product or brand your physician team is requesting.

Graymont works with FedEx to ensure timely arrival of products and has a fleet of vehicles to maintain accounts local to the Chicagoland area. Our team is also available to provide recommendations of other products that are new, innovative to the market or to provide options that match the quality you are looking for but at a price that is more agreeable to your practice.

Our DMEPOS Distribution program is expanding with more tools, visibility and exciting things to come!

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Stock & Bill

We will stock your facility with the DME you need to provide your patients, then take care of billing the product to your patient’s insurance. Graymont will facilitate training for your staff on paperwork and processes necessary for having your patient’s claims accepted. We are vendor neutral so that we can provide you with the mix of products that best suits your practice. Each stock & bill set up is unique in order to fit your needs. Graymont will work directly with your clinic, surgery center, or hospital system to build a program that works for you.


  • Graymont stocks DME on-site at pre-determined locations
  • Clinic/facility staff dispenses products to patients and completes paperwork
  • Graymont bills equipment to patient’s insurance
  • Graymont handles communication with patients regarding their insurance claims
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Rental Program

Managing DME inventory and patient care services can be burdensome and costly to private practices and clinics. Working as a partner, Graymont Medical will provide our patient care services and DME management services to your clinic at a flat rate. With a full-service technician team, fleet of vehicles, warehouse management team and our patient care coordinators, Graymont Medical can seamlessly integrate your protocols and help fill the gap to ensure your patients receive top quality care and products.


  • GM bills clinic monthly for services and DME dispensed
  • GM handles all patient communication regarding delivery and setup of DME
  • Service technicians in-service patient and family member/caregiver on proper use of equipment
  • GM will complete all necessary paperwork and processes specific to clinic procedures
  • Clinic/facility bills equipment to patient’s insurance

Brands We Carry

Have Questions?

Graymont X

The Graymont X system was co-developed in continuous consultation with a panel of the top orthopedic surgeons and nurses. We asked for their input, and they didn’t hold back. Which is why we now offer a recovery system that moves the entire orthopedic recovery practice forward. By leaps and bounds.

Where We Operate

Graymont Medical is well-equipped to serve all corners of the U.S. The Chicago area HQ is the incubator for a wide variety of services provided in operating rooms, surgi-centers, orthopedic offices and home deliveries.

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Who We Are

Graymont Medical was founded in 2012 by a few guys looking to change the approach of patient care. Their goal was to provide superior service to patients all over the country by combining service, process and technology. Graymont Medical is now one of the leading distributors of products that enhance surgical outcomes for thousands of patients each year.